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Paylike Platforms

With Paylike Platforms you can take advantage of our API-first approach and fully white-label Paylike and offer your own payment service no matter what type of platform you run:

  • Marketplace
  • SaaS
  • Crowdfunding
  • Payment service provider/payment gateway
  • Fintech
  • Booking platform
  • … and more.

Paylike's SDK, dashboard and plugins are build entirely on top of our open API's and as a platform you can choose either to fully white-label Paylike or utilize our pre-made payment forms, dashboard or plugins and save time on your own development.

How to use Paylike Platforms

With Paylike Platforms you don't have to worry about financial regulation, compliance, card network rules and handling other peoples money. Instead, you can focus on running your platform and serving your customers.

Depending on where you are in setting up your platform, you might have heard, that you need a financial license to handle funds. That is true, and as a rule of thumb, whenever you handle other peoples and businesses funds, you must have a financial license, such as an e-money license.

With Paylike Platforms you avoid handling funds and are only part of the technical flow, as you either onboard your customers to Paylike in your own interface or send them to Paylike to get setup. This way, each customer (individual or business) has a direct account with Paylike and you avoid all of the complexity of being financially regulated and having to fulfill compliance requirements such as anti-money laundering and transaction monitoring.

Commission and split payments

Most platforms run a model, where the platform charges the customer/merchant for each transaction. With Paylike Platforms, you can split the transaction in two and thereby receive a commission from each transaction.

To setup split payments and receive a commission on every transaction, get in touch.


The major difference between using Paylike Platforms and obtaining your own financial license is the compliance, legal and setup of e.g. banking partners. If you use Paylike Platforms, this regulatory and financial burden is mostly with us instead of you:

  • Anti-money laundering
    • KYC
    • Transaction monitoring
    • Reporting to financial authorities and card networks
    • Blacklist checks and monitoring
  • Card networks
    • Permitted activities
    • Registrations
    • Reporting
    • Blacklist checks and monitoring
  • Bank networks
    • Access to bank network, currency conversions and local settlements
    • Compliance with permitted activities
    • Correct coding of settlements for high-approval rate

Do I need to use Paylike platforms if I already have a financial license?

If you already have a financial license (such as an e-money license) or are in the progress of getting it, you may qualify to be setup as a “payment facilitator”. Reach out to learn about the possibilities.

However, we do still recommend using Paylike Platforms as setup and ongoing compliance lies with Paylike leaving you to focus on your core business instead of card network and financial rules and reporting.

Getting started with Paylike Platforms

The process of getting started is on two tracks, one is technical and one is setting up an agreement with us.

If you are a developer, we recommend you start by reading our API-docs and checking out our SDK to learn about the technical setup. Once you are comfortable with our API and SDK, continue with our integration guide for Paylike Platforms.

The next step is to get in touch with us to setup a Paylike Platforms agreement and account with us. We will need some basic information about your platform:

  • Business model
  • Commission scheme, will you charge your customers for each transaction?
  • Description of sellers/merchants, are they e.g. individuals or businesses and where are they located?
  • Website/app link
  • Interested in Paylike Platforms or payment facilitator (requires financial license) solution?
  • How long have you been running this business for?
  • What is your chargeback/dispute rate?
  • What is your monthly sales volume?
  • What is your average transaction size?
  • Which countries are your sellers in?
  • Which countries do you sell to?
  • If you've been using another payment provider until now, what's your reason to change?
  • Please provide links to:
    • Your website;
    • Your terms and conditions;
    • Your refund policy;
    • Your privacy policy.

If your platform is not up and running yet, provide us with your expectations or leave the questions you can't answer.